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Barcelona to London to Hong Kong to Adelaide to Melbourne

We bid a fond farewell to our Hotel Vrabac hosts. A lovely place to stay in the Barri Gotic in Barcelona. We would stay here again, the only difference we desire is a kitchen as the Barcelona market just begs you to cook!.

We can be brave, but we decided to taxi to the airport rather than trudge up an incline to the aerobus port with our over laden baggage.

The taxi drive was worth it as we drove through another part of town which was pretty as. Even the airport was new and shiny.

Then the flights began. Barcelona to Heathrow then a 7 hour wait. London to Hong Kong-a good flight, we even slept some, then a 6 hour wait. However, at Hong Kong we tracked down the travellers lounge and for a worth-it fee we had access to shower, a complimentary drink, free beer coke etc, free chinese buffet meal ... and a massage, and I happened to catch the two goals Germany scored against England. Hong Kong to Adelaide then an hour's wait. How could we have been so cruel to ourselves? At Heathrow, a 1 hour was endured to get passport checked and admitted to the country/airport.

On the flight from Hong Kong to Adelaide two toddlers were not happy chappies for approximately 2 hours from take-off as we and others were trying to seize some zzz's, then on and off throughout the flight they would signal they were awake and not happy! We also sat next to the most communicative couple we have ever met. He and she talked non stop, I kid you not, for the flight. True, they did not talk when they slept but they would have if they could and they rarely slept. They were so loud too, they were catching up on business before a meeting in Melbourne, they seemed to be business colleagues with slightly different opinions hence the tension with elevated voices. If only they had spoken English then at least we could have been entertained!

We feel replete, our holiday complete so we are happy to be home. I even got through customs because I did not declare my sense of humour, phew!

On reflection, what would I do different: maybe stay 2 or 3 nights in a hilltop medieval town like Les Baux de Provence or Gordes. Even though they are tourist towns they don't congest until about 11am and the hordes thin considerably by 6pm. With the long daylight hours it leaves much time. Our B&B hosts were great but the B&Bs lack kitchens although it did allow us to just concentrate on seeing the areas. Make room for Aix en Provence. Book earlier for the excursion we could not do so as to get a seat. In St Remy one enthusiastic chap offers to take small groups at dusk, around 10pm, on a spotlighting expedition to see the European Eagle Owl, Europe's biggest avian predator, and other wildlife. We booked in but there were not enough takers. The advantages of hindsight.

But now we are so looking forward to catching up with our kids (including Ben), family and our special friends.

PS: thank you Missy, you were respectful, trusting and non judgemental. A true friend.

Endofblog: a real real bummer.
Epilogue: maybe next summer.

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Woo Hoo, so close!!

Woo Hoo! So close. 3 1/2 sleeps until we rise @3am Tuesday to fly to Hong Kong and see Ben's family. :)

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